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Britta’s Blog – Letters from Scotland

I write a daily blog, tracking my journey through life. My letter from Scotland into the world.

I am a happiness blogging, circus skills instructing, common butterfly following, creatively writing & exploring German, who is annoyingly keen on hillwalking, baking lopsided cakes and causing a ruckus. I live in Scotland, my chosen home & habitat since the year 2000.

Hopefully some of my thoughts and ideas will resonate with you, maybe they will entertain or even inspire you.

The views, adventures and shipwrecks on my blog are entirely my own.

This blog is still fairly new and constantly developing. It will, however, never be an all-singing, all-dancing affair.

This is a home for my writing, creative, opinionated and other. I am clearly not a web designer. This is the place where I share my ideas, news and stories with the people who would like to read them.

My blog is not for everyone, but maybe it’s for you. I invite you to take a look around.

All my blog posts – newest to oldest – can be found in my ‘Blog Archives‘ on the site menu. There is one archive for 2021 and also one for 2020, if you would like to go back and read how it all started.

If you just want to read this week’s contributions, go to ‘Latest Blogs‘.

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