5th February 2022 A comment and a comma, or: How to write a letter in the morning

Morning, Pages!

Bear with me. As per usual, this will all make sense, eventually.

My blogpost has been derailed before I even put the first word down. I had it all planned. For once. Not yet written, but I had the theme and outline hung up in my mental wardrobe, neatly ironed, like a business suit, ready to be taken out in the morning. Last night, before going to bed, I patted myself on the shoulder, thinking, hey, I’ve got this blog thing sussed out. Look at me. Organized. Picture of perfection. Maybe this is the New Britta, finally emerging. The butterfly of bloggers. I’ve been waiting long enough…

Nah. Still an ugly caterpillar, but that’s okay, I love green.

My day is only a few minutes old and already I’m feeling great, despite the rain, sleet, slush, mush, rain, weird stuff falling from the sky. Why? I have inspired a piece of writing. A comment I wrote in reply to another comment on yesterday’s blog post. I challenged my friend Terveen Gill to write a flash fiction story about the moody, fickle, unreliable weather gods in Scotland. And hey presto, this morning I wake up to this: https://terveengill.com/the-weather-gods-need-coffee-flash-fiction-story/ She’s done it. And as per usual, she’s done it beautifully.

Here’s my particular badge of honour: I am mentioned in the story ‘Weather gods need coffee!’ Thanks, Terveen, I shall put that on my CV under proudest achievements. This has made me smile at the rain, sleet, slush, mush, rain, weird stuff falling from the sky this morning. I have a whole lot more sympathy for the abysmal weather, now that Terveen has kindly explained the reasoning behind it in her piece of flash fiction.

Morning… ah, right. That’s what I was going to write about. A reply to a writing prompt on another blog I follow, brianvos.com. The challenge this week: write a letter. I’ve got one for you. This is where the comma comes in. Let me explain.

Many people have tried morning pages at some point in their lives. The concept appeals to me. It’s simple. As soon as you get up, you grab pen and paper and write down whatever comes to your mind. It’s basically a brain dump, straight after getting up. Jot it all down, let it out, the chaos, the worries, the random thoughts, including the stuff without head nor tail. There is no set outcome to this. It’s a relief. A snapshot of your mind. You’ll feel better after the dump. Occasionally, you may even find a little seed in the mess, a pearl, a snipped of wisdom, what’s not to like? As an added extra for writers, it means that you’ve already written something, produced a piece, filled pages, even if it was mostly vomit in the shape of first person whining. Still counts.

I don’t do morning pages religiously, day after day, come what may. It’s more of an every other day kind of habit. I also do them slightly differently. I add a comma. Yes, a comma. You may think: ‘So what?’ Punctuation matters.

The comma, dear reader, changes everything. It turns my morning pages into a letter. To Pages. Which for me, makes it so much easier to write. Never met this Pages guy. Or girl. Or something in between. ‘Pages’ is a rather fluid concept and I love that. So here’s my letter.

Morning, Pages!

Would you believe it? I’m a muse. I have inspired a friend to a piece of writing.

The weather is awful right now. Rain, sleet, rain, slush, mush, rain, and it’s only half past seven. I’ll need a snorkel to go to the shops for morning rolls. Maybe I’ll send my husband. He’s got waders.

I might leave a cup of coffee on my door step. For the weather gods, you know? Read the story, then you’ll understand. I’m off to the kitchen now, refilling my percolator. I’ll offer the weather gods some good and proper double espresso rocket fuel. Who knows? Maybe that’ll mean sunshine over Scotland today.

How do you bribe the weather gods? Will coffee be enough? I could put a chocolate brownie next to the mug. A bit like at Christmas, when you leave out a mince pie and milk for Santa and a carrot for the reindeer. Must read up on the small print.

Speak to you soon, Pages.



Happy Saturday to you all, and I’ll see you here tomorrow, if you wish!

10 thoughts on “5th February 2022 A comment and a comma, or: How to write a letter in the morning

  1. Wow! Lots of wonderful words put together so beautifully to start my day.
    Love the thought of the weather Gods joining you for coffee Britta. Do you have enough for one more person?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A dedicated and passionate writer can find inspiration in the garbage bin. I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve looked a few times. Inspiring one another is what we writers can do without much hassle or struggle. I love how your writing radar is always beeping with creative discoveries, Britta. Hats off to you for writing about so much in such witty and beautiful ways. And sorry for derailing your morning post, but you’re an expert at getting back on track. And thanks for offering the weather gods coffee and brownies. I hope they use their heads this time and accept the gracious offer. Loved the letter. Take care, my walking, talking, writing, and baking muse. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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