Luminous in thirty words

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Every Saturday, I look out for Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt. It’s my personal challenge. There’s a new prompt word waiting for me… and of course for anyone else who wishes to take part. The added challenge is the word count that comes with the prompt. This week, it’s ‘luminous’ in exactly thirty words. Thirty. Not twenty nine or thirty one, oh no. And don’t even ask about twenty eight!

I love a good challenge. Normally, it takes me all day to whittle down my response to the usually very limited word count. Most weeks, it’s well below 100. My writing benefits greatly from such tight restrictions. Means I can’t do my usual waffle. I can talk and write until the cows come home. Not necessarily a good thing. Brevity comes with great difficulty to me. This is why I know, it’s where I need to go, in order to progress, develop and grow as a writer.

Look at me, waffling again. It’s my natural habitat.

So this morning, ten minutes ago, to be precise, I saw the new challenge. Luminous. In thirty words. And here’s what happened next: I instantly knew what I wanted to write about, I grabbed my notebook, jotted down my tiny little piece, placed my full stop at the end of it and thought, hey, that looks and feels completely finished. Also looks like thirty words. Let’s count.

….. Twenty eight, twenty nine, thirty. Exactly. This has never happened before.

Here’s my piece. It came out, just like that and I like it.

‘Light travels in a funny way,

fast and far, through time and space.

Mum, long dead, still luminous,

beautiful beacon of hope and home,

true north, true south. True. Always.’

Today, I feel, I have nothing to add to this. So happy Saturday to you all, and I’ll see you here tomorrow, if you wish.

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