Poetry cairns

Picture credit: Britta Benson. First cairn

Morning all! I just wanted to show you my latest project: Poetry cairns. Don’t ask. I’m covered in glue and marker pen, but I’ve got a big beaming banana smile on my face. I am cutting out rock shapes, turn each little ovule into a blackout poem and then stack them on a page before gluing the lot into place.

This feels surprisingly good and after a few more cairns, I might expand to full on landscapes. Seascapes? Moonscapes? Who knows? I’m having fun.

And yes, I only drink milky tea. No other substances involved here…

I’m showing you my very first, still quite orderly, and ridiculously reluctant attempt. Why? Simple. This is my starting point. The first. After finishing my stack, I stepped back and had a good long look at my cairn.

I breathed in, I breathed out, shook my head, tut, tut, what on Earth was I thinking? There is so much wrong with this whatchimmacallit – I simply call it poetry cairn for lack of a better term… and yet, there is also so much right with it. I’m utterly intrigued and it has set me off on yet another creative journey.

I am experimenting with poetry, well, words in general, that are not simply written down on paper. Not just an ordinary flow of line after line after line. Consider yourself lucky, you don’t live in my home – I might start writing and drawing on you… I’m cutting up old pieces of artwork and writing, the stuff, that didn’t quite work, in a quest to upcycle the lot or simply turn it into something else.

Minor drawback: I’m running out of glue sticks. So today, I’ll need to get a few supplies in, before I can play again.

I proudly show my first attempt. Not because it’s great, but because it has sparked off so much. I feel energetic and excited – at a time, that is very challenging for me on a personal level. I am so immensely grateful for my creativity. My most powerful tool to stay whole and sane as a human being in a riduculouly nonsensical world. My anchor. My source of joy, no matter what.

Happy Tuesday to you all – I’m off to the shops to get glue sticks, and I’ll see you here tomorrow, if you wish!

14 thoughts on “Poetry cairns

  1. Oh the energy, the passion, and the lovely patterns. If I need a good draw on me, I’ll have to fly to Scotland right away. I hope there will be milky tea for me too. I admire your creative spark, Britta. It’s awesome! 🙂

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    1. One day, Terveen… we’ll meet and it will be a creative explosion! Or just two women chatting, chatting, chatting…. Right now, I look positively wild, covered in glue and marker pen. My living room carpet is littered with little scraps of paper… ah well, I like it!

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    1. Visitors beware!!! Woman with glue stick roaming inside the premises – how’s that for a warning sign? So far, my family has got off lightly… a few paper scraps stuck on to socks, nothing worse than that, but I am just starting…

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