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I am originally from Germany. Fear not: That’s the boring part over. In November 2000, while working on a PhD in French Literature at the Goethe-University in Frankfurt, I decided to go on a sort of gap year, although I was way too old for that by any stretch of the imagination. I needed a break. I needed something that I couldn’t name or even picture. For lack of a better word I called it ‘Happiness’ as a working title.

And off I went in search of happiness. I ended up… in Glasgow, Scotland, of all places.

Can I explain why I thought Scotland in November would be such a great idea and the source of all my future joy? Of course I can’t. It is one of those things that just happened and for some reason never to be found, it all made sense to me at the time. It felt right. And not even when the women in the travel agency asked me ‘Do you really have to go there? In November?’ did I rethink my endeavour. Would I recommend it to other people? Possibly not, but it certainly worked for me.

Back in 2000 I knew I just had to start something. Maybe it was mad, maybe it would all end up in tears. I did not care. There are no shipwreck-free journeys through life, but as long as I dare to move forward and go into the unknown, as long as I am ready to start again I live and that for me is the only possible route to happiness and growth.

Since 2000 I have moved very little – apart from holidays and hill walks. In 2002 I made the ten mile journey from Glasgow to North Lanarkshire, where I now live in a tiny shoe-box terraced house with my family. Slightly windswept but mostly happy despite the weather and the usual hiccups along the way. Death, disease and depression, the three Ds. You most certainly know the feeling… Life.

My blog is my daily dose of gut-wrenching honesty and optimism, my way of making sense of the world in all its bewildering beauty and mind-boggling madness. If I have learned something in my fifty odd years on this planet it is this: Life is a bit of an acquired taste, it takes some getting used to or at least it did for me. I wasn’t very good at living in my youth, not a natural at all, really. I have made some progress, however, and this blog is my progress report.


You can read my short creative non fiction piece ‘Scotland for Beginners’ by clicking on this link to the Scottish Book Trust: https://www.scottishbooktrust.com/your-stories/scotlands-stories-2022/scotland-for-beginners

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