The not so little minx, or: Tanka Tuesday

The Minx of Glamis… ya.

I’m trying something new today and I am doing so, by using something old. Old, of course, is a relative term. When it comes to people like me, the daily bloggers, ‘old’ can mean anything that didn’t happen today. Or yesterday, at a push.

My son always assumes, than when I say ‘old’, I mean something that has happened in my youth, which he equates to the Stone Age, or, if he is in a particularly mild and forgiving mood, he may picture his ancient mummy amongst the Egyptians, perhaps even the Victorians. From the point of view of a fifteen year old boy, I fully understand this. Anything that didn’t happen in his life time feels positively prehistoric: the Big Bang, the dinosaurs and the first man on the moon – all of this must have happened during my childhood, adolescence and adult life. He simply cannot grasp that I was indeed born after all three of these events. Just.

‘You are over half a century old’, he keeps reminding me. Definitely enough time to fit in all of the above and have oodles to spare for other, much more mundane stuff.

Today I want to write about last Tuesday. Again. I know. An ‘old’ story in the daily bloggosphere. And I want to combine this with my first ever Tanka Tuesday. I’m not much of a tanka person yet, but there’s a first time for everyting and this last day of May seems oddly befitting for such an enterprise. I found Tanka Tuesday on Word Craft Poetry:

The challenge: write a tanka about your day and include a photograph. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a selfie and thank goodness for that. I chose another lovely lady (?) represent my lovely day.

Last Tuesday, I visited Glamis Castle with my friend Gail. I wrote about it in my blog ( and she wrote about the day in hers ( Did I give you the full story? Of course not. I kept the best for last. Wasn’t quite sure how to weave it in. Now, of course, I know. With a tanka. Here goes.

The Glamis Estate is famous for its Aberdeen Angus cattle. There are information boards, giving you a brief history of all its champion beasts. Prizewinning celebrities… in the world of beef, which, as an almost lifelong vegetarian, I am a little unfamiliar with. As always, I am happy to learn. I saw something that made me laugh. A picture of the Minx of Glamis. A not so little minx.

There you go… Every day is a school day!

Can I just remind the poets amongst you, that ‘Glamis’ is pronounced ‘Glaamz’, so it’s only one syllable. This is important for my tanka’s syllable count. Also important to know: this time of year, the castle garden is full of the most beautiful and fragrant bluebells… and Aberdeen Angus cattle. So could the scent of spring on the Glamis Estate become the new Channel # 5? As far as the bluebells are concerned, absolutely. I felt ‘bluebelled’ by their perfume. When it comes to the cattle, perhaps not so much so. Here’s my tanka.

Glamis Castle with Gail,

rain, sun, rain, wind, sun, more rain.

Souls light and bluebelled.

Then, we pass the Minx of Glamis.

Cattle not quite so fragrant.

Happy Tuesday to you all, and I’ll see you here tomorrow, if you wish.

30 thoughts on “The not so little minx, or: Tanka Tuesday

  1. Wonderful Tanka prose, Britta, that expresses your day and experience perfectly. I feel as though I were there with you. You have me chuckling at the perceptions of your teen son! I remember those long ago days I used to see anyone over the age of 21 as ancient! 💕🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. Many moons ago, I too thought everyone over the age of 21 was ancient… We have a family friend who is 94 now, and a while ago she attended an event and complained that it was full of old people! She was not impressed. In her mind, she is still young and sprightly… She says, ‘old’ always means at least ten years older than her, but I guess, she’s not talking about the ‘factual’ age, more about the age of somebody’s heart and mind.

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  2. They say pictures make one look fatter. Could this be the case for the cattle? I guess no one is kissing and telling. Maybe mooing? Haha! A great experience it must’ve been. I’ve been out of touch for the past several days. You seem to be having some adventures. Age is a number that needs to chill and get the hell out of everyone’s way. 🙂

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    1. I agree, the photograph isn’t exactly kind to the Minx of Glamis. Perhaps, though, that minx didn’t mind. She was a celebrity, back in the days. I was starting to wonder if you were okay, I missed you – now that sounds unnecessarily creepy… – I hope you are well. Sometimes it’s just nice to get a break from the blogs!


    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, willowdot21. Much appreciated. I loved your take on the prompt, your day summed up by writing about the three jewels in the crown of your life… what a lovely way of celebrating family. Well played!


      1. Thank you , I was thinking after reading everyone else’s poems that I had gone too literal your response has cheered me. I am surrounded by boys, three sons , hubby and two grandsons, the dog and our sons partners bring up the females.
        Do you just have the one boy he sounds great …I guess all lads feel like that… They will grow to understand 💜

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      2. Yes, I’ve just got the one boy, but he’s quite something… I love reading other peoples’ responses to the same prompt – I don’t think you can do it ‘wrong’, when it comes to writing. Everyone comes up with their unique take and that makes it so exciting, surprising and interesting. Who knows where the next prompt will take us…


  3. Britta! Thank you so much for your sharing your visit to Glamis Estate. It’s good to have you writing tanka poetry with us. Many years ago, I worked for a cattle ranch in Montana—not on the ranch, but in the office in Great Falls. I did the bookkeeping and all the administrative needs for the ranch. I learned more about black Angus cows and bull semen than I ever thought possible. LOL! This was a great post! ❤

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    1. Sounds like you know far more about Aberdeen Angus cows than me! I only admired the beasts from a distance… wouldn’t want to get too close to that much beef! I like a poetic challenge, so will definitely contribute to Tanka Tuesday from now on. Thanks for putting the prompts out. It’s so nice to write about someone else’s prompts. I run a small online creative writing group, ‘The Procrastinators’, and I really appreciate the work that goes into creating good prompts. Thanks!

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    1. So true, Elisabeth. I got plenty of inspiration. The best part about visiting Glamis Castle in May were most definitely the thousands of bluebells. They are simply the most beautiful, fragrant little wonders! Thanks for reading and commenting. Just had a look at your blog, am following you now. Well, I’m following your blog, not you personally, so you’re pretty safe.

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